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 MUSIC LIFE July1968

traductions japonais/anglais Tim Whalen

Otis Redding

 Otis Redding, the king of soul blues died in an airplane crash in December of last year. Otis had a wonderful voice, deep and rustic sounding, like the voice of an old man from the country. Most of his songs, from his debut song “These Arms of Mine” to his posthumously released “Dock of the Day”, were slow, difficult to sing songs. But Otis was able to make these songs his own and sing them beautifully. He had a voice that was hard to get into at first but after a few listens you found yourself madly in love with his songs. Although they all seemed to be slow tempo, his dynamic shouts really shook you. He had incredible vocal power. When he sang The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” he gave it his own unique flavor and the song was completely reborn. Standard songs such as “My Girl” and “Your Precious Love” were also beautifully interpreted. Besides being famous as a singer, Otis was also well known as a songwriter. He composed the song “Respect” in collaboration with Aretha Franklin and also penned the Arthur Conley tune “Let’s Go Soul”. He also wrote many other slow R&B ballads and was active as a producer. What a shame to loose such an extraordinarily talented person so suddenly in such an unfortunate accident. Otis was truly unique. Let us all applaud his wonderful achievements.


Arthur Conley

Arthur Conley is well known for the song “Sweet Soul Music”. Although I only own three of his records, that’s about all that is available to fans here in Japan. However, with the passing away of Otis, I hope that Arthur receives more recognition as one of the top Atlantic style R&B singers. His voice is generally thought to be a little thin but that probably can’t be helped, as he’s not a big man. But as a soulful singer he has a wonderful voice, whether it be a slow tempo or fast tempo song. Just listen to “Whole Lotta Woman”. This song will totally excite you. Or the B-side of that record, ‘Love Comes and Goes’ or the tune ‘Let’s Go Steady’. Don’t these remind you a little of Otis? However it would be a mistake to want Arthur to sound like Otis. He has his own unique style and I’m sure he will continue to sing beautifully in the way that suits his voice. I would like to add these words to what surely is a bright future ahead for Arthur Conley: Move over Otis Redding!




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